Westin Crazy Daisy - 400g Glow Gadus

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Another new colour for 2018 replacing the Gadus. Crazy Daisy Shads / Jigs from Westin need no introduction. This pattern is new for 2018 and is available in two sizes, 300g and 400g and these jigs were created to catch both Halibut and Cod around the coast of Norway and they do their job extremely well. This is the 400g - 27cm version.

The 300g has a 7/0 Jig Hook and a 3/0 treble, the 400g has an 8/0 Jig Hook and a 4/0 treble. Each Jig comes with a Paddle Tail Body and a Curly Tail body and one Jig Head. Work them slowly, twitching them off the bottom and work your way up to mid water and the Halibut will find them along with the Cod. They do not need sweeping movement as per traditional pirking UK style, suttle tweaks and twistches on the rod top imparts enough life in them to get the attention of your target fish.  

Use inconjunction with our Jigging Leaders and you will handle any Halibut or Cod you are likely to come across in Norway.

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