Watch Lead 2.5oz - pack of 5

Price: £3.50

Watch Leads have been used for at least fifty years that I know of. They disappeared for many years almost only being seen on hand lines for crabbing used by holiday makers. Now however they are back, with the increased interest in Turbot fishing and Plaice fishing certainly along the south coast has seen the rise in use of the watch lead again. Designed to disturb the sand / sea bed as it is dragged across it as the boat drifts creating small puffs of sand as it goes attracting the attension of the inquisitive Plaice and Turbot.

Ideal for use on sand banks / sandy bottom, don’t go Plaice / Turbot fishing without them.

We have had new moulds made using CNC machines to give a much improved finish to our leads. The 2.5oz version is manufactured with a Stainless Steel No.1 Do-it Loop

You are buying the 2.5oz version - pack of 5. They are also available in 3oz,4oz,5oz,6oz,8oz and 10oz, (soon in 12oz and 16oz) see other options.


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