VMC 7560 Spark Point Treble 3/0 - 6X Coastal Black

Price: £14.32

This treble really is the ultimate in trebles. It is a Big Game / Predator treble and is the premium treble to arm big poppers / lures in the tropics.

It offers a wide gape and large eye, it is an unbelieveably sharp Spark Point Treble and offers incredible resistance to opening.

I have stocked these trebles to cater for those anglers who desire those really big fish, really big Norwegen Halibut that will rip your arms off when they run. Hooking one of those monsters you want to be 150% confident in your tackle so gentlemen, I offer you these trebles.

They are not cheap but the best never is. Stocked in 2/0,3/0, 4/0 ,5/0 pack of 5, 6/0 pack of 3.

You are buying the 3/0 version, pack of 5

The 2/0 in this pattern make the perfet Stinger for the larger Savage Gear Sandeels for Jig Spinning.