Trokar TK8 R - 8/0 pack of 4

Price: £12.99

Trokar hooks are truly unbelieveable. The TK8R is a heavy wire version of the TK7 and is ringed and comes highly recommended when the situation requires only the very best, the very strongest hooks are required. When you see them, any question you have is answered, any doubt you have is removed they simply are that good.

Use on dead bait rigs, use as assist hooks, use on a pirk / pilker, use them on live bait rigs, Shark Traces, Halibut Traces it matters not, they are truly awesome hooks to be 100% relied upon.

Available in 8/0 only currently annd supplied in a pack of four. These hooks will not let you down.


I use these in my pirks for Halibut and Cod in Norway as the ring makes attacking a super strong split ring easier. They are super sharp and have a wide gape assisting strong hook hold with larger fish.