Tournament Missile Carp Lead - 6oz pack of 10

Price: £12.00

NEW MATT finish Camo 4 used on all these leads

These NEW Carp Tournament Missile Leads are exclusive to ourselves. Designed by ourselves to cast extremely long distances, I personally have achieved 135yds with a 3lb test rod in the field (rig and boilie attached). They have been designed to be very compact to greatly increase hook up rates, have a pointed nose cone to increase your distance and have a very smooth finish to aid resistance free flight.

Manufactured with a big eye swivel on loops in a fixed position due to a captive cavity. 

Currently available in 1.1oz,1.5oz, 2oz, 2.5oz, 3oz, 3.5oz, 4oz, 4.5oz, 5oz and 6oz

Standard finish is Camo 4 coating but can be coated in any colour you prefer, see additional image. Can also be texture coated if required.

This one is ideally suited to those anglers fishing French Carp Waters late in the season where every extra yard can make the difference.

See additional images for new Matt finish against old shinny finish.



The website cannot calculate the correct postage for Lead orders due to the weight. In the event you do not pay sufficient postage we will send you a money request for the additional cost. Leads are sent 2nd class as standard, if required quicker, please let me know and I will inform you of the additional cost.