Tommyfish Boat Cushion

Price: £16.99

Our very own design based on many years suffering a sore arse sitting on cold and wet metal seats when fishing from the boat at sea.

These cushions are unlike the standard 5cm foam cushions supplied by other manufacturers which offer little comfort, suck up water like it is going out of fashion. These cushions are 10 CM thick made of Seating Density Foam, covered in a waterproof material and they have a non slip material on the bottom to prevent you sliding around all over the place whilst on the drift.

Additional images show the non slip base.

There is an industrial velcro opening in the bottom to allow you to air / dry the cushion after a wet day / week.

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The cushion size is as follows:

Length : 50cm

Width : 30cm

Depth : 10cm

This cushion will fit in your suit case when you travel to Norway and keep your backside warm and dry when you are fishing.

Delivery approx 5 days. Limited supply at this time, if people buy them will be brought in twenty at a time.