Tiger Tail Twin Tails back in stock - 4" + 6"

Price: £7.68

Tiger Tails in both 4" and 6" back in stock. 

  • Sold in packs of 10

  • Colours in stock at this time :  Hot Orange / Black

  • See Hopping kit options - 5 x Ball Jigs and 10 x Twin Tails

  • Available in FLouro Orange and Flouro Pink 


Cod Killers, in the summer months that what these lure have proven to be. In some areas 4" will out fish 6" and in other areas it is the 6" that reigns supreme over the 4". Either way, it is the combination of Flouro Orange and Black that gets the Cod going. Rig on Lead Heads / Jig Heads from 14g x 4/0 up to 56g x 8/0 jigs, use a short 2 to 3 foot long trace and hop them across the sea bed near the wreck and hold on tight !