Thames Roach Float Cork Body - 75mm pack of 5

Price: £6.60

Top quality cork bodies are finally here. This one is the largest of three sizes available at this time and is shaped the same as the original Thames Roach Float. Not cheap I`m afraid but the finished product makes it well worth the money. Only the ends need fine finishing / rounding off once the float is assembled. More images to follow of finished floats.

  • Sold in packs of 5

  • High grade cork, no filling required

  • 75mm long


These are top quality Cork Float Bodies, not too bulky in the smaller sizes enabling you to produce a beautiful cork bodied float either a waggler or a trotting float that does not need 6AAA + to cock it. 

You can attach these bodies to Crow Quill, Sakanda Reed, Peacock Quill, Porqupine Quill, Seagull Quill, glue them in place then gentle sand around the top and bottom to round them off and produce a perfect rounded join. Once this is completed, apply a coat of sanding sealer to give a smooth hard surface to work with. Once dry, sand with flour paper until perfectly, if you want to add your name or shotting weight, now is the time to write it on the cork body ( Staples sells very fine nib marker pens allowing you to write on the cork in fine text. Do not write straight onto the cork before sealing, it may very well blur as the ink runs into the cork). Once you have added your text, start varishing the cork. 

You can also add metalic whipping thread to both the cork and stem / quill for a stunning finish. Paint the tip with Flourescent paint and you are done !