Tail Wires, Grip Wires, Rollers

We offer a wide range of Tail Wires, Long Tail, Short Tail wire, Short Tails with a Bait Clip and hopefully soon Long Tail Wires with a bait clip. Two sizes of 18 gauge Stainless Steel wire 6" and 7" which cover 99% of grip lead making requirements. Grip Wire Rollers come in five colours Blue, Black, Yellow, Green and Red and are available in 100's or 1000 quantities.

Lead Loops are available in Brass, Stainless Steel, Blackened Brass, Small and standard sizes, small for DVA Beach Bomb / Storm Beach Bomb Moulds and various Carp Lead Moulds (blackened stainless for the Carp Lead Moulds), standard Blackened Brass Loops for Carp Lead Moulds, medium stainless for Aquapeado moulds, Aqua Zoom moulds, Watch Lead Moulds and Bopedo Loops for all Bopedo Moulds.

Pack of 50 short tail wires with bait clip. This wire will accept any lead clip on the market because of the larger eye.

Pack of 50 Short Tail wires. These will accept any lead clip on the market due to the large eye, quick and easy to set up when you go fishing

Long Tail wires with a complete ring on each end. Each ring is closed so there is no specific end that has to be moulded into the lead.

  •  Available in 50 pack or 100 pack, see options
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Short Tail Wire with Bait Clip. Heavier version than the cheaper version with a smaller eye. These are the ones we use to make our leads.


  • Available in 50 pack or 100 pack, see options
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Available in Red, Yellow, Green and Blue.


  • 400 pack or 1000 pack, see options 

Available in 100 pack. 

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100 pack of 7" Stainless Steel Grip Wires.

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