Stripped Goose Quills - pack of 10

Price: £8.00

I have managed to obtain a quantity of stripped Goose Quills. They need scorching and sanding but they are top quality.

  • Ten quills in a pack, assorted sizes from 5" up to 10" (approximate)

  • Some are very thick, ideal for heavy traditional style trotting floats.

  • Alternatively, make yourself some traditional Tench Floats.

  • Additional picture shows a few Stripped Goose Quills that have been sanded, whipped and painted and are going through the varnishing process. Different coloured Whipping Cotten can be used on each float to produce some really beautiful floats.


The floats you can make with the Stripped Goose Quills are absolutely stunning. Whip with spirals and ringlets in different coloured Metalic Threads and varnish with four to six coats of yacht varnish from a high quality finish.

If you have a local Staples (shop for offices supplies etc), purchase a fine tip market pen and you can write your name, shooting requirement etc (over the 1st coat of varnish not directly onto the quill) for a truly custom finish.

Quick tip for shotting, get a 2 litre plastic Coke bottle, cut off the kneck and fill with water, you name have a vessle for shotting your floats !

Take your time and enjoy the making of the the float then take if fishing and really enjoy catching fish on a float you have made yourself.