Strike Pro Hali Bandit - Pink Pearl

Price: £25.99

The Hali Bandit is a soft body lure for Norwegien Cod, Halibut and Coal Fish. The slim "Bandit" profile of this lure gives it an amazing belly flash swimming action that similar lures do not have. In addition the Hali Bandit cuts throgh the water thanks to the slim body profile, it sinks very quickly and can be used in a very strong current. 

It comes with two tails, a paddle tail and a rooster tail (curly). 

The jig head weighs 290g and has a super sharp and super strong saltwater hook and an additional eye to attach a stinger. With the tail attached it has a total weight of 360g.

Out of stock

I used these last year in Havoysund and have finally got a small amount in stock all be it late in the season. They are brilliant lures, finished to a really high standard. 

Can you afford not to have one in your tackle bag ??