Star Lead - 3oz pack of 5

Price: £4.50

An old pattern we have brought back for both fishing on the drift for Plaice and Turbot and also fishing from the shore onto sandy beaches especially surf beaches when the Star Lead digs in and grips the bottom really well.

When fishing on the drift dragging the leads across the bottom it churns up the sea bed making puffs of sand which causes increased curiosity from flat fish whci will hopefully result in more fish in the boat.

Currently only available in 3oz, soon to be available in 4,5,6,8,10,12 and 16oz, watch this space.


Lead orders may be subject to additional postage costs as the website cannot calculate the cost of shipping heavy lead products. In the event you do not pay sufficient postage we will send a Paypal money request for the additional charge. We usually send leads on a two day courier service if the order weighs over 2 kilos, if under they go via Royal Mail 2nd class. If you need them quickly please let me know and I will send them next day obviously at additional cost.