Star Lead 10oz - pack of 5

Price: £13.37

These new leads are used for drift fishing for Plaice and Turbot over sand banks. Becuae of their obvious shape the rip through the sand creating a disturbance on the bottom which in turn attracks the attention of predatory flat fish and increases the chance of those fish finding your bait. Drift fishing over a sand bank for Turbot with a long sliver of Mackerel or a Sandeel on the end of your trace with the lead causing puffs  of sand as it trundles across the bottom which to a Turbot or Brill looks like a Sandeel emurging from the sea bed.

Sold in packs of 5.

Availble in 8oz,10oz,12oz at this time, shortly also available in 4oz,5oz,6oz.

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