Spro Salty Beast Mega Jig Shad - Golden Cod 275g

Price: £16.99

There are a number of unique characteristics that make this Mega Jig Shad a superb lure for Halibut and Huge Norway Cod. First of all the lure hangs perfectly horizontal in the water and even with little movement from the current it offers a superb action imitating a bait fish. Even on the slightest mivement the lure shows a life like side-to-side action and the paddle tail creates extra stimulus which is especially attractive to Halibut. The hooks are super strong and sharp and an extra eyelet is moulded into the jig head for easy attachment of a stinger. Custom stingers for these shads available on this site.

The Spro Salty Beast Mega Jig Shad comes in two weights and sizes, 275g (9.82oz) - 20cm and 470g (16.78oz) - 23cm and is available in six colours (all now in stock). See options.


The SproSalty Beast Mega Jig Shads comes packaged with one jig head ready rigged + 1 spare tail.