Spro Giant Flapper 20cm Crystal Brown

Price: £3.40

These Spro twin tails originally designed for Pike and Zander fishing have proven themselves to be extremely successful in Norway for Cod and Halibut. There are ridges on the edges of the twin tails which make them stand up in a tormenting action and exagerate the flapping action of the twin tail lure.It is recommended that a stinger is added to the base of the body, especially the 20cm version to ensure more hook ups for nibbling Cod and especially Halibut.

These lures will be equally effective here in the UK for channel Cod on both wrecks and rough ground and of course  for the fish they were originally designed for, Pike and Zander.

Available in seven colours, see options

These lures are sold individually, see options

NOTE: See our range of Jig Heads to use with these lures.


Big and chucky twin tails, other companies charge double the price for similar lures. The Spro Giant Flapper Twin Tails are brilliant lures for Pike waters which are pressured and the Pike will not have seen anything like these.