Split Rings and Crimps

Available in  15mm and 20mm in packs of 25. Super Strong stainless steel split rings. 100% reliable and not that expensive, others are almost the same price for 10 

  • See options for sizes 

Small stainless steel split rings suitable for freshwater lures. Ideql for Perch and Zander Lures. Stainless Steel so will not rust, these are quality split rings and not the cheap nickel plated ones available online.

Trace crimps for rig making. For 50lb, 60lb & 70lb mono.

  • Available in 100 or 1000 packs, see options 

Pack of 20 swivel crimps to fit 60lb mono, rig making gets easier. Quick and wasy to make Patternoster rigs, one up one down etc.

Pack of 50 Double Crimps for 100lb mono. Quality crimps for not a lot of money

Pack of 50 Double Crimps for 150lb mono. Ideal for Norway rigs and Tope traces

Pack of 50 Double Crimps for 200lb Mono, a lot of crimps for litle money

Pack of 50 Double Crimps for 250lb Mono. 

Pack of 50 crimps for 100lb Wire Traces. Once you have crimped your hook or swivel in place, carfully heat the crimp slightly to melt the plastic inside the crimp for added security.

Pack of 50 2.4mm Crimps for wire of 150lb + 200lb