Savage Gear Sandeel 265g - Pink Glow

Price: £19.99

The Savage Gear 20cm Sandeel is a brilliant lure for Cod, Coalfish and Halibut in Norway. Weighing 265g, it is perfect for Halibut Jig Spinning. Manufactured with a Mustad 32786 8/0 jig hook which is super strong, it will easily cope with almost any fish you will hook in Norway. Available if three colours and supplied with a spare tail. Beautifully manufactured and finished, these lures are irrestiable to big predatory fish.

Do not forget to take your super glue away with you to repair splits and tares in the bodies.

I use these for Halibut Jig Spinning (details below). I was shown this method last year in Havosund by the head guide and it is when used in the correct circumstances devastating for catching Halibut and large numbers of Halibut at that. I have detailed the method below for those of you who wish to try it and should you have any questions please give me a ring, happy to discuss it with you.

The one your are purchasng is the Pink Glow version.



Halibut Jig Spinning is a method of catching Halibut using a stout spinning rod, fixed spool reel and lures up to 180g cast away from the boat and retrieved in such a way that they are irresistable to Halibut. I will set out below how to fish this method and done right is it devastating. This is not just a method to catch small Halibut, you will catch both small and large Halibut using this devastating method. For heavy lures that 180g, I use my Westin W3 20-30lb boat rod with a fixed spool to cast long distances from the boat.

So the method is simple but takes a little practice to get it right. One key factor is safety on the boat, take extra care when casting lures from the boat, it takes a split second to drive a hook into someone else on the boat when casting so always shout ’CASTING’ when you cast to let you fishing budies know you are about to cast and DUCK.

When Halibut Jig Spinning, you cast your lure in the direction you are drifting which would usually be up towards the bow. Cast long and high to gain as much distance as you can. Let the lure sink all the way to the bottom and engage your reel.

Start to retrieve your lure turning the handle four ir five times then strike upwards as if setting the hook. Then wait until you feel the lure hit the bottom and repeat the same again all the way back to the boat. Vary your retrieve speed and the pause time after striking and letting the lure sink to the bottom again.

Takes tend to come as the lure drops back to the bottom after each strike but also come when the lure is virtually back at the boat. At the end of the cast, wind your lure up to cast again but do so slowing, pause on the way up and jig the lure, a few more turns of the handle, pause and jig again and be ready for a take. Takes can be gentle plucks on the rod top or a smash and grab take but always remember to strike into the fish, if you miss the bite carry on working the lure as before and be ready to be hit again.

The guy who showed me this method had five Halibut in six casts, from 25lb up to 60lb, it was truly unbelieveable to watch.

To Jig Spin for Halibut, you need depths from 10m up to 30m although I am sure it would work in water up to 45m  if you used a heavier shad and rod and reel combo. When bites tail off change lures, a different colour, different size, different weight can make all the difference.

Fishing this method you are covering a huge a lot of ground and instead of waiting for the Halibut to come to you, you are send your lure out to find them. Cast in a ark to ensure you cover all the ground and as already stated vary your retrieve speed. Sometimes they want is slow, sometimes fast.

It also pays to have a couple of people on the boat fishing alternative methods at the same time, a dead bait on an Anti Twist rig and another person fishing a jig conventionally, dropping straight down to the bottom and retrieving. Jig Spinning get the Halibut all worked up and on the hunt for food, by retrieving your lure back towards the boat the Halibut will sometime follow all the the in but not take your lure but, they may well grad a dead bait of a big shad fished under the boat instead. Another good option is to fish a float with a dead bait below it, three of four metres from the bottom, again the bait will be hovering off the bottom and an excited Halibut will just grab the bait as in the area. Have your float 10m - 20m off the back of the boat then your bait will cover the same area as you drift along.

So that’s it in a nut shell, a bit of practice will see you land a lot of Halibut using this method, it is truly amazing the results that can come when you have mastered this way of fishing.