Savage Gear 4D Herring - Lumi Haddock 560grams

Price: £25.99

The new 4D Herring from Savage Gear is a superb lure for Halibut, Cod and Coalfish in Norway. It has a lively swimming action which the fish find irresistable when jigged or retrieved and from personal experience Halibut simply snaffle them down without a problem.

They are available in five colours, this one being the Real Herring colour has accounted for thousands of fish.

They come in two sizes, the 300g - 25cm and the 560g - 32cm.


These shads are stunning, featuring a soft durable PVC body, nylon mesh reinforced, stunning detail and a 4X super strong hook.

They are supplied with one fully rigged shad ready to fish plus a spare tail.

Simply tie on your jigging leader, clip the 4D Herring onto the split ring and start fishing.