Sakuma Manta Extra 545 - pack of 10 size 1/0

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Sold under various names, these hooks are one of the best on the market for UK waters. Made in Japan, these hooks are ideal for all aspects of boat fishing in UK waters.  For Cod, Bass, Pollack, Skate, Huss, Dogs, even Conger. 

For winter Cod rigs when using big pennel baits, the 8/0 Manta extra can be coupled with the 8/0 Sakuma 543 Pennel hook.  This will ensure big Cod baits are secured, Squid, Cuttle and big worm cocktails can be presented perfectly with little chance of the hook point being masked by the bait.

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  • Super Strong

  • Super Sharp

  • Ideal UK boat fishing hook, use the 7/0 and 8/0 for Gilling for Pollack

  • Black Nickel finish

These hooks are not cheap but quality comes at a price.