Rig Making componenets for Sea Fishing

British made Cork Rig Boards. Custom made for us, these rig boards have a wire running across the top to hold the hook in place safely and the other end of the rig is held in place with a Knobby pin.

I use these for my double pat plaice rigs. Hook lengths are kept straight and easy to remove, tangle free and efficient.

A brilliant product from Enterprise Tackle for sea anglers. Regardless of the rig you make / buy, these brilliant bait stops can be fitted to your rig as you thread them up the hook length by putting them on the hook as you would a worm and they lock onto the mono where ever you place them. Use with bait or put one above your soft plastic lure and once charged it will attract attention as you retrieve.

Charge with a pencil torch if the sun is not out or you head light at night on the beach. Glows for up to 8 hrs. 10 pieces per pack.

Nylon coated 100lb b.s. wire for Tope Traces, Skate Traces etc. Plastic coated, easy to use and most of all at a great price.

Nylon Coated trace wire 150lb b.s. 7.5 metre spool

200lb b.s. Trace Wire for Tope Traces. In expensive wire for Tope etc, one tip, use them once and throw them away especially if you have caught Tope on them. Their teeth damage the plastic coating and they will rust in your tackle box. Using them again will result in lost fish as you might not see the weak spot.

Available in Red, Yellow, White, Orange, Green, Yellow, Black and Mixed, see options. Add a few to your hook link for Flat Fish from the shore or use when assembling your boat rigs to lock swivel in place.


  • Available in 250 pack @ £3.00 or 1000 @ £10.00, see options
  • Flat fish love a bit of bling on your rigs.

Available in Red, Yellow, White, Orange, Green, Yellow, Black and Mixed, see options. Plaice rigs for boat fishing should never be without these beads.


  • Available in 250 pack @ £3.00 or 1000 @ £10.00, see options

Memory free hook length for all your rig building requirements.  Only stocked in Clear

Heavy mono for Conger, Tope, Halibut traces in handy sized spools instead of coils which are a pain in the arse.  Available in four breaking strains, all spools are 50 yard spools (46metres).


  • See options for different breaking strains and select the one you want. 
  • Top quality mono, I personally use this for my trips to Norway and it has never let me down

Use this clip when your a Pulley Rig or using Springs on your trace and you can clip your hook down behind the lead to increae casting distance.


  • Available in 25 pack @£1.70, 50 pack @ £3.99, 100 pack @£6.98. See options 

Must have tool for making your own rigs. Nothing worse than getting the rig assembled then squeezing slightly too hard on the side cutters and cutting through the line. These round nose pliers prevent that happening as they do not cut but squeeze where you want them to locking the crimp in place without fear of cutting through it.

A must for those of you making your own rigs at home.

Purpose made for crimping 100lb mono to make Tope, Skate, Conger traces. Perfect crimps for Skate, Bull Huss traces etc


  • Available in 100lb,150lb,200lb,250lb b.s. See options 

Quality product, excellent price. What more could you need.


  • Keep in a zip top back and out of sun light.
  • Try to keep the spool clean when using as fish / crab jiuce rots the cotton left on the spool. 

Pack of 100 x 3.5mm x 5mm Lumi oval beads for rig making and attractor beads.  Charge for a minute or two with your head light prior to casting.


  • Available in 100 pack @ £2.29 or 500 pack @ £9.99, see options 

Rig clips, tie one to your leads and clip on your rig. Quick change of rigs between casts see more time catching fish.


  • Available in 25 pack @ £1.60, 50 pack £3.99 or 100 pack @ £6.98

I have always been a fan of Sakuma mono ever since I came across it 6 years ago. Knot strength is excellent, abrasion resistance is excellent. This rig body material is purpose built for the job, strong, reliable and will not let you down.

  • Available in 50lb,60lb,70lb,80lb,100lb, in Clear. See options 
  • Brilliant mono to work with, soft, supplie and brilliant knot strength

Quality leader material, excellent knot stength, abrasion resistance and supple. For those who do not want to stretch to the cost of Tapered Leaders, this is probably the best alternative on the market

  • Available in 50lb, 60lb, 70lb, 80lb, 100lb. Clear only.
  • Other colours available to order Red, Yellow, Grey. Contact us 
  • This really is lovely mono to work with, soft, supple and brilliant knot strength

Pack of 100 x 5mm Rig Making Crimps. Also available in 8mm and 500 packs, see options.

Bulk spools of mono for those more cost aware. This is excellent mono for rig making, for inshore boat fishing, rod hire line etc.


  • 30lb -2020m, 40lb - 1400m, 50lb - 1200m, 60lb - 1030m
  • To order: 100lb - 510m, 150lb - 350m, 200lb - 255m, 250lb - 220m 

5mm x 8mm Lumi Oval attractor beads. Use on hook length for attraction, ideal for Plaice, Sole Dabs etc.


  • Available in pack of 100 @ £2.39 or 500 @ £10.50, see option 

Available in Black these beads are ideal for your beach rigs held in place by a 5mm crimp.


  • Available in 250 pack @ £3.19 or 500 pack for 5.99 

Available in 2 metre lengths, this tubing really does make trace building quick and simple. Add a couple of inches of this tubing above your hook length, a 3.5mm oval bead then tie on your hook. Charge the tubing with your head lamp and it really does glow quite brightly. Brilliant for flat fish i.e. Dabs, Flounder, Sole and Plaice. 

It`s cheap, its quick and easy to use. 2mm diameter and available in a 2m length.