Quantum Tobizer Sandeels - 23cm 150g

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These Sandeel are top quality lures for summer fishing in Norway and inshore fishing in the UK. Pack consists of a fully rigged sandeel plus a spare tail.Hook is an 8/0, VMC I believe and he head has a loop underneath giving you the option of rigging a stinger treble. The quality of these lures as with the Skrey shads is stunning, plastic is extremely soft but strong ensuring maximum movement int he tail enticing the Cod and Coal Fish to hit your lure.

Going to Norway and looking for big Coalfish, don`t go with one of these lures

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These lures and a good representation of a sandeel, they are 23cm long and weigh 150g (5.35oz). Quality is stunning, no other word for it. Another lure that will serve you well in Norway.