Quantum Skrey Shad - Purple Moon -340g

Price: £22.95

Quatum Skrey Shads for fishing in Norway for Cod and Halibut. These shads weigh 340g (12.14oz) and are furnished with an 8/0 Jig Head and and a XXX 5/0 treble underneath the head attached to the head with substantial stainless steel split rings. The pack is supplied with one fully rigged shad plus a spare tail. This one is as its name states and has proven a very effective pattern for Norway Cod. It is 19.5cm long and frankly beautifully finished, these are quality lures.


Trials have been extremely successful with both Cod and Halibut being taken on these lures. Very compact, manufactured to a very high standard these lures can be bought with confidence for your trip to Norway. This Lumi colour was really effect for Cod in Napstrumen (Lofoten Islands)