Pyrimid Leads - pack of 5 x 1oz

Price: £1.75

Pyrimid leads have been around for many years, I remember them being very popular in the 60`s for fishing for flatfish on sandy beaches. The beauty of them is that they are used to fix a bait to the sea bed without it rolling around the bottom. You cast it out and wind the slack line in until it is amost tight then put the rod in the rod rest and leave it for 5 minutes approximately so that the action of the sea buries the lead in the sand, you then carefully tighten you line till the rod tip bends. When you get a bite, in the event you strkike but miss the fish, you just put the rod down leaving it for five minutes and repeat the first process all over again. With a grip lead, once the wires pull out it simply rolls in the tide where as the Pyrimid lead resets itself on the sea bed.

Sold in packs of 5 or 10, for larger quantites contact us by phone or email. Great for Flounder fishing in the esturies


Shipping cost for leads now is £3.20 for up to 2 kilos 2nd class Royal Mail, over 4 kilos costs £7.60 via UPS.