Norway Kit 1- Christmas Offer 15% off

Price: £136.00

Christmas offer, Norway 1 Kit was £160, now £136, thats 15% off. This offer ends on the 31th December 2018.

The Norway Kit 1 consists of the following items:

3 x 400g Holographic Pirks

3 x Shad Lures: 1 x 470g - 24cm Shad Lure Paddle Tail, 1 x 275g - 20cm Shad Lure Paddle Tail and 1 x 320g Curly Tail Shad

3 Stingers, one for each Shad, just attach to Shad via split ring (on each stinger)

1 x pack of 10 Stinger Keepers. These pin your Stinger Line to the Shad keeping it in place neat and tidy

3 x Jigging Leaders (pack of 2 x 3)

2 x Pirking Leaders )pack of 2 x 2)

1 x Pack of 20mm Stainless Steel Split rings 25 in a pack

1 x Pack of 695lb (10) Stainless Steel Crane Swivels

1 x Set of 15cm Split Ring Pliers

2 x Anti Twist Rigs, 1 x 350g and 1 x 450g, rigged with a single Gamakatsu 9/0 and a 4/0 Mustad 5X Treble

1 x pack of 20 8mm Rubber Beads (really important)

2 x Mackerel Traces / Silvers

This is a basic kit that contains enough equipment to allow you to fish with Pirks, Shads or Dead Bait for Halibut and Cod in Norway. Shad colours can be changed or I will put in known fish catching colours. Yes there are lots of other things you could add but this basic kit gets you started without costing a fortune. By buying this kit, you can add to it with items of your own choice but you have everything you need if you are on a tight budget.

Postage for this kit is FREE in the UK. for overseas, contact us for a quote.


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Really important item included in the above are the 8mm rubber beads. When setting up to fish, always put a rubber bead on your mainline before you tie on your Jigging or Pirking Leaders. When winding up especially when playing a fish, the rubber bead will stop you smashing your tip ring when you wind up to the swivel on your leader. Probobly the cheapest item on the list but one of the most important.