Halibut Float Fishing Kit - 200g

Price: £16.99

This kit comprises of a 200g Poly Float, a 200g Barrel Lead and a Circle Hook Rig, everything you require for Flat Fishing for Halibut.

It can be supplied with a Treble and Single Hook Rig for an additional £7.99, see options. 

To rig simply slide the Barrel Lead onto your main line, add a bead to protect the knot then tie on your rig. Bait up and drop the rig down to the bottom, Bring the rig up three to five metres from the bottom then clip the float onto your line via the snap lock at the top of the float and the line clip at the bottom and then let it drift away from the boat fifteen or twenty metres. Set your drag so it just holds the line and place the rod ijn the rod holder and wait for the float to go.


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Postage for this float is £2.95 as it is bulky.