Halibut Anti Twist Cannon Ball / Bait Ball 8oz CHROME

Price: £16.50

The Anti Twist - Bait Ball is two ways (rigs) to fish a dead bait for Halibut in one pack. There is an 8oz Cannon Ball Anti Twist Lead with a 1m long conventional Anti Twist rig consisting of 150lb mono, 695lb Stainless Steel Swivel at one end and at the other a Gamakatsu 9/0 Live Bait Hook 5X strong and a 4/0 - 5X treble on the bottom. With this rig you drift your bait across the seas bed, sometime two turns up and up to eight turns up rigged with a dead Coalfish or Mackerel for bait. THIS IS THE CHROME VERSION. High quality plateing with a mirror finish.

With the Bait Ball Rig attached to the lead, you have a trace about 14" long with a 9/0 Gamakatsu Live Bait Hook 5X strong and a 4/0 - 5X treble on the end, to this you attach your dead bait but, as the rig is much shorter you can fish yoiur bait much closed tot he sea bed as there is less rig to worry about to snag the bottom. I last year used them to great effect at the slacker end of the tide and bouncing the lead on the drift and could see the bait twisting below the boat as I worked it GENTLY (it is not a pirk, move your rod tip 6£ at a time no more) and by doing so you make the dead bait look like a dying fish as it twists and flashes along the sea bed.

To change between the two rigs, just remove one swivel from the split ring and add the other rig, take seconds.


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Available in four sizes 8oz (224g), 10oz (280g), 12oz (336g), 16oz (448g), they cover just about every state of tide and current strength you are likely to come across.

You can but the rigs separately as spares and you can also buy the converntional 1m long Anti Twist trace with a 14/0 Circle hook toed in place of the single and treble, see options.

Available in six colour options, see options. 

PS. Personal favourite colour for Halibut is Flouro Pink, I do not use any other colour for Halibut fishing in Norway. This year, I will be giving the Chrome ones a really good trial.