Pirk Moulds

A range of inexpensive pirk moulds that can be used to produced pirks that catch fish and not the angler. A one piece wire insert ensures a perfectly strong pirk without any worry of the loop pulling out if you hook a huge fish. We offer the moulds, holographic tape, trebles and split rings, everything you need to pake your pirks inexpensively.

Fish Mould 1

A great mini pirk for fishing over reefs and inshore marks. In the smaller sizes they can be used for shore casting

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Fish Mould 2

Three cavity mould producing pirks of 290g,420g,520g. These pirks can be bend when cooled to add to the action as they fall.

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Fish Mould 3

This mould produces pirks of 30g, 45g, 60g & 75g.  They are fantastic inshore fishing lures either from a boat or the rocks.  Finish with paint and holographic tape for professional finish and superb lures.

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This four cavity mould produces pirks of 300g, 400g, 500g and 750g.  Fast drop, goes straight down with little effect from current, ideal deep water pirk. Paint, Chrome Plate, attach holographic strips for fantastic pirks at a fraction of the price of shop bought.

Use extra long pirk loops with this mould.

  • Available on its own or in kit form.

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Norway Three

This mould produces pirks of 300g, 400g, 500g.  Use with extra long pirk loops.

Available on it`s own or in kit form, see options

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Norway Two

The Norway 2 produces pirks of 150g, 200g, 250g.  The smallest cavity uses No.1 loops and the larger two cavities use the extra long prik loops. 

Available as mould only or in kit form, see options

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Yann Mould

This mould produces Yanns of 200g, 300g, 400g. It has a fantastic action and is great for Cod, Pollack and Bass.  Apply Holographic Silver tape to either plain lead or painted pirks and catch fish after fish after fish.

Available as mould only or in kit form

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These loops are approx. 1.5" long to ensure they are well and truly buried in the pirk.

See options for 1000 pack price.

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Mustad 12/0 trebles, ideal for rigging pirks intended for fishing in Norway. These really are huge trebles.

Sold individually.

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New Speed Jig Mould Kit.

  • Kit comprises of Mould + 100 wires (to make 50 pirks) plus 1 Holographic Finishing Kit complete with protective shrink tubing (enough to finish five pirks).  See Holographic Finishing Kit for Full Details.
  • Available in two sizes, 200g and 250g.
  • Cod, Bass and Pollack, look out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This kit comprises of 10 pre-cut Foil Strips and 5 lengths of Clear Shrink Tube, sufficient to finish five Speed Jigs.

  • Available in Mackerel and Fire Tiger, see options.
  • Silver Holographic pre cut strips available soon

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Pack of 50 Speed Jig Tail Wires.

  • I bend mine round to make a loop at the bottom so it can never move
  • Recession busting price and pack size
  • Use any lead clip or swivel on your rig, they will all fit these tail wires

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This is a great mould to work with and it produces excellent pirks very quickly.

  • Solid wire going straight through the pirk makes a very strong pirk
  • Well finished cavities provides a smooth surface to apply holographic tape
  • Pre Cut Holo Tape Shapes available at great price + long Straight Through wires in packs of 10 or 50
  • Mould supplied with 10 wires and one pack of Pre Cut Holo Shapes
  • Also available in 16oz, see options

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Sold in packs of 10, enough to complete five pirks.

  • Only available in Holographic Silver
  • Give your Fish Yanns a bit of flash, it makes all the difference.
  • Easy to apply and they do not peel off in the water

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Sold in packs of:

  • Pack of 10
  • Pack of 50
  • Pack of 100

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Single cavity Norway Pirk Mould (pirk not included). Brilliant mould, consistantly casts very clean pirks with minimal flashing. Uses special one piece wire which goes all the way through ( loops never pull out as there aren`t any !).

  • Kit is the mould + 10 wires to make 10 pirks
  • Available in 12oz, 16oz, 20oz. Same wires fit all moulds
  • Brillant little mould producing 12oz pirks easily and effectively. 

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These wires will fit all three sizes of mould, 12oz, 16oz, 20oz.

  • Available in pack of 10 or 50, see options
  • They add rigidity to the pirks, we can no long use wheel weights to harden the lead so without these connectors to pirk will bend when it hits the bottom.

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I have five if these original Alderney Pirk Moulds, when they are gone they are gone, never to be available again.


  • Produces 450g and 550g fast dropping pirks, ideal for deep water wrecking
  • Apply holographic tape to flat area for a great flashing effect
  • Coat with Lumi Coat (charge when using between drifts with a pencil torch) for great Cod Pirks 

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Single Cavity mould producing pirks of 8oz. Great little mould, have made a few as you can see from the additional picture, I have made up a few for personal use and they come out great.

  • Supplied as a kit, mould + 10 straight connector inserts
  • Use the FISH YANN mould straight connectors for this mould

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10oz Norway mould kit comprises of the mould + 10 connector wires. If you look at the 8oz mould you will see a list of tips that will assist in making great pirks that will look good and catch fish.

  • Holographic pre cut shapes will be available shortly
  • Use the Connectors for the FISH YANN moulds
  • Great little mould for producing 10oz Norwegian Pirks / Pilkers

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