Pike Shads 5" - pack of 3

Price: £3.96

Pack of three great Pike Shads. Extremely good quality for the price, hooks are top quality as well unlike many cheap lures. These shads will catch Pike, we did on our fist outing with them and it won`t break the bank if you loose one. Of the three types of Pike Shads, these were the most fun to use. Pike slam into them and leep out of the water.


I have had a lot of fun with these lures seeing the reaction of Pike to them in clear water can at times be very amusing. They have caught me a lot of fish on the Thames, nothing over 14lb so far but a lot of Pike have taken these Pike Shads and launched themselve several feet in the air doing so. Three lures for just under £4.00 make these Pike Shads a must for anyone who enjoys lure fishing for Pike.