Norway Super Slugs - pack of 3

Price: £4.00

These Jig Heads are manufactured to be some of the strongest and most reliable Jig Heads in the world. We developed these for fishing in Norway for Coalfish, Cod and even Halibut. 

Manufactured with a 10/0 O`Shaunessy hook, the are super strong and ultra reliable. Rig with a soft plastic lure of your choice, the hook once set will not come out, will not bend and will ensure you land fish after fish.

Sold in a pack of three and available in 2oz, 3oz, 4oz and different colour options.


I have taken 40lb Coalfish on these jigs and infact I have been using the same jig for the last three years. Sharpen the hook occasionally and you are away. No where else can you buy Jigs of this quality. They are powder coated and baked in flourescent colours and the finish is second to none.

My favourite soft plastic lure to use with these jigs is the Savage Gear 20cm Sandeel. Available in various colours, it fits these jigs perfectly and is easiuly repairable at the end of the day with Super Glue. Coalfish and Cod do give Soft Plastic Lures a hammering, you can save a small fortune if you do a bit of a repair job each evening.