Norway Ling Rig - pack of 2 Flouro Pink

Price: £10.00

Going to Vesteralan in Norway to hunt for the big ling then you better be well prepared. These fish grow to huge sizes and have big mouths and lots of very sharp teeth.

These rigs are made to deal with the monster fish, made from 200lb Mono, 20/0 Circle Hook, 695lb stainless steel swivel. A 7" Vynil Muppet sits above the circle hook and there is approximately 2ft of flourescent tubing which is both and attractor and protects your mono from the teeth of the Ling.

This rig is fished on an Anti Twist Lead of 350g or 450g, attach this rig via the split ring, add bait to the hook and drop down.

These rigs are currently available in Flouro Pink and Orange. More colours will be added soon.

These are the Flouro Pink Version