Norway Kit 2 - Christmas offer 15% off

Price: £168.00

This kit was £210, with Christmas special discount of 15%, it is now £168. This offer finishes on the 31st December 2018

Norway Kit 2 has a little more than Kit no.1 and consists of the following items:

4 x Holographic Pirks - 2 x 350g, 2 x 400g

4 Shad Lures - 2 x Large Shads 470g - 24cm, 2 x Small Shads 275g - 20cm

4 x Stingers, one for each shad

6 x Jigging Leaders (3 packs of 2)

3 x Pirking Leaders (3 packs of 2)

1 x pack of 25 x 20mm Stainless Split Rings

1 x pack of 10 Stainless Steel 695lb Crane Swivels

1 x pack of 20 - 8mm Rubber Beads

1 x pack of 10 Stinger Keepers

2 x packs of Mackerel Feathers

3 x Anti Tangle Rigs complete (2 x 450g and 1 x 350g) rigged and ready to use. Rigged with a Gamakatsu 9/0 Single hook and a Mustad 4/0 - 5X treble

1 x Spool top quality mono (163lb)

1 x Set of 15mm Split Ring Pliers.

This Kit contains a little more equipement than Kit number 1 and as such is a little more expensive. You do not loose much gear in Norway but you will loose some and replacing it out there is expensive. This kit gives you a bit more in the way of Shads, Anti Twist Rigs and Pirks plus a spool of top quality line should you want to make up additional rigs when you recieve your order.

Remember you can customise your kit with different colour lures etc or add to it at additional cost if none of the other kits give you what you want. For groups buying three kits, you can remove two sets of split ring pliers for instance as you will not require three sets.

Postage for the Norway Kits in the UK is FOC, for orders outside the UK please contact us for a quote.


Really important item included in the above are the 8mm rubber beads. When setting up to fish, always put a rubber bead on your mainline before you tie on your Jigging or Pirking Leaders. When winding up especially when playing a fish, the rubber bead will stop you smashing your tip ring when you wind up to the swivel on your leader. Probobly the cheapest item on the list but one of the most important.