Norway Expedition Heavy Duty Duffel Bag

Price: £47.99

PVC Tarpaulin material, durable, waterproof and maintenance free. Plastic Zippers, fully corrosion resistant even in slat water conditions. Pre shaped waterproof bottom for extra stability. Diamensions : 48cm x 26cm x 39cm. This is a top quality product designed for serious anglers. I have used one of these bags for the last two seasons and can recommend them highly.


This Duffel Bag is a completely waterproof carryall with both hand carrying straps and should strap. You can take your tackle, food, spare clothing on the boat or beach with you knowledge that you equipment inside will remain dry even in the worst conditions, rain, wind and pouring rain. Put your bag on the deck and be sure that the base of it will not let water into your bag and soak your tackle, clothes, cloths, lunch etc.

This is a truly stunning tackle bag for anglers travelling to Norway, it will keep your belonging free from salt water and dry at all times regardless of how much spray comes into the boat. It is stable and will not roll around the boat / fall onto the deck etc.Made of extra strong PVC with a zipper that will not corrode even in saltwater conditions.

Quality kit you can be 100% confindent in.

Please allow 7 to 10 days delivery to start with.  Limited stock to start with.