New Standard Coating Colour change

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We have deveolped a Matt finish Camo 4 coating powder which we will use as standard on all our Carp Leads and Barbel Feeders from the 10th of November 2018. The finish is stunning and the quality as good as any leads produced by the big names in Carp Fishing Tackle.

We are still tweaking the mix to produce a top quality matt camo finish so colour may vary slighty until we are completely happy with the mix.

We also have a new Matt finish Pebbles colour seen at the top of the picture which blends in beautifully with a gravel bottom. All our leads have matt black swivels and lead loops so good bye to shinny leads, bubbles from texture coating and sanding down shinny coating on your Carp Leads.

We will also be adding the weight of the lead to each lead to make them easier to identify. 1,2,3,4,5,6oz until mid December and there after all the half oz increments will be included.

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The picture has a few shinny patches on some leads due to the flash being close to the leads to take a detailed picture, they are all matt finish in normal daylight.