New Dumpy Flat Pears 1.5 oz - pack of 5

Price: £3.37

This is our new Dumpy Flat Pear Lead. It is smaller than the previous lead, more compact and will sit perfectly on the bottom. Available form 1oz up to 5oz in half ounze divisions then we got to 6oz, 7oz and 8oz.

Every lead has the loop in exactly the same position thanks to a captive cavity, manufactured with matt black Lead Loop and Big Eye Swivel, it will fit any lead clip on the market.

These leads are as good as any of the top brands on the market selling for over thwice the price. Finished in our matt finish Camo 4 coating.

Also available in Compo finish, see further down the page.

Sold in packs of 5. This is the 1.5oz Version

We send leads 2nd class as standard via Royal Mail, up to 2 kilos costs £3.00 (or less depending on size of leads), any heavier we split the package and send in two 2nd class packs at a cost of £6.00. If you need them in a rush, let us know and we can send up to 10kg via UPS for £7.60 on a next day delivery service.


The website cannot calculate the cost of posting lead, in the event you do not pay sufficient postage we will send a money request for the additional postage, once paid your order will be dispatched. Please see our Terms and Conditions.