New Dumpy Distance 1.5oz - pack of 5

Price: £3.85

New Dumpy Distance Leads, we have replaced the old model /mould and now produce these perect leads from CNC milled moulds. Every Lead is perfect, shape is uniform and the lead loops is im exactly the same position on each lead. Coated with our Matt Finish Camo 4 powder coat.

Every lead is fitted with a big eye swivel which is matt black and the lead loop is also matt black.

Sold in pack of 5, you are buying the 1.5oz version. (penny is for scale in the picture)


Please note, the website cannot calculate the weight / cost of postage for Lead Weight / Lead Products and as a result there may be a short fall in the postage charged for your order. We send leads 2nd class royal mail as standard and the cost for up to 2 kilos is £3.10 at this time Over 4 kilos we send via UPS courier at a cost of £7.80 for up to 20 kilos.

In the event you do not pay enough postage we will send you a Paypal Money Request for any additional postage required.

Please note, as of 2020, we will not dispatch lead orders before the correct postage has been paid.