Mould Clamp

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Hold your mould together tightly and safely when pouring hot lead. These clamps are very quick and easy to use and make the entire process of lead making much easier and safer as they provide you with a firm grip on the mould, a handle which allows you to safely move the mould around and eliminate the need to tighten and undo threads on a G clamp.

Light weight and easy to open and close, quick and simple to clamp your mould closed.

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Using these Mould Clamps really does make lead moulding easier, quicker and much safer. Once you get used to using them you hardly touch the hot mould faces and once you put the two bits together you can guide the mould to the clamp with a pair of pliers. 

Ensure you are working on a very flat surface, a piece of 1" shuttering ply or 1/2" MDF provide and very flat surface for easy lead making. Preparation is the key and if your work area is flat, clean and tidy the whole process becomes easier, quicker and more enjoyable.