Mega Jig Shad 470g Bundle

Price: £70.00

This bundles of Mega Jig Shad lures consists of three assorted colours of 470g Shads 23cm long, one pack of two Jigging Leaders and one pack of two weighted Jigging Leaders.

The Mega Jig Shad is a very tough lure that does not rip as easily as other lures, it has a large paddle tail that pulsates when worked and a super strong hook. 

The Jigging Leaders are manufactured from 150lb top quality mono, 695lb Stainless Steel Swivels and 200lb + Stainless Steel Split Rings, all tied with a Big Game knot which is 100% reliable.

The Weighted Jigging Leaders are also made from 150lb quality mono, 695lb b.s. Stainless Steel Swivels and 200lb + Split Rings. They have a 4oz (112g) egg sinker on the mono which when attached to the 470g lure gives you a lure which weighs almost 580g. It does not effect the action of the lure in anyway but does allow you to use these smaller lures in deeper and faster water. 


The pack will consist of three different colours lures, all proven fish catchers and all ideal for Norway Cod, Halibut and Coalfish.

Three Shads @ 470g, two Jigging Leaders and two Weighted Jigging Leaders. Four Leaders in total, professionally tied and 100% reliable.

This Christmas offer is available until the 30th of December 2018.