Lumi Dip Coating Powder

Price: £12.00

A two part pack of plastic  Lumi coating. Heat the pirk or jig and apply a base coat of the white pwder, reheat carefully so as not to burn then when all the base coat has melted, dip into the lumi coat, use a spoon to ensure and even coat. reheat carefully again and ensure you do not burn the powder. Hang on a hook and allow to cool. The finish is top notch, they will look shop bought and catch a lot of fish.

REMEMBER: Lumi coating needs charging to glow brightly. Natural sunshine will only do so much, have a torch in your box and inbetween drifts hold the torch against your lure moving up and down to recharge your pirk/jig.

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The picture below shows a 10oz Hali Jig lumi coated ready for use.