Lead Loops, Pirk Loops, Wire Forms

We have the full range of Do-it Loops in size 1,2 and 3 in both Brass and Stainless Steel. We stock Extra Long Pirk Loops, these are approximately 2" long and are specifically for making pirks ensuring that the loop is deeply embedding into the finished Pirk.

We offer Lead Loops in small and medium stainless steel wires, these for Beach Bomb Style lead moulds DCA and Storm, small blackened stainless steel loops, blackened brass loops (for carp leads) and Bopedo loops for DCA style Aquazoom, Aquapedo and Bopedo moulds.

Pucka Bopedo loops back in stock. Perfect fit for Bopedo, larger Watch Lead Moulds in 10oz, 12oz, 14oz and similar moulds.


  • Available in packs of 100, 500 or 1000, see options 

Designed to fit the original Bopedo moulds made by DCA. These loops will fit the larger Watch Leads moulds also.


  • Available in 100 pack only 

NEW chemically blackened No.1 Do-it Loops, a must for making Carp Leads.

These were produced for making Carp Leads. Ideal for making all sizes of Zip Leads, Distance Leads etc. Narrow Stainless Steel loop that has been chemicallu blackened.

Use these loops for 4 in 1 Flat Pear Moulds, Beach Bomb / Zip Lead Moulds, Dumpy Pear Moulds.


  •  Available in 100 or 1000 pack, see options 

Brass No. 2 loops, used for sinkers and jigs for most Do-it Molds.


  • Available in 100 pack or 1000 pack, see options 

Almost 2" long, these loops will provide a solid anchor for your split ring when making pirks.


  • Available in 100 or 1000 pack, see options 

Brass No.3 loops for very large sinkers and Jig eyes.


  • Available in 100 pack or 1000 pack, see options 

No.1 loops, smallest Do-it loop for use with Do-it Molds.


  • Avaialble in 100 or 1000 pack, see options 

Small Stainless lead loops for DCA Beach Bomb mould and others that require a narrow loop as opposed to a wide one.

Use with Beach Bomb / Zip Lead Mould, 4 in 1 Flat Pear Mould, Dumpy Pear Moulds


  • Available in 100 or 1000 pack, see options 

Stainless Steel Do-it Loops. Available in size 1,2 and 3, see options.

  • See options for sizes and quantities
  • size 1 - 2.72 per 100, 23.81 per 1000
  • size 2 - 3.36 per 100, 28.84 per 1000
  • size 3 - 3.88 per 100, 34.02 per 1000 
Perfect for all salt water leads Cannon Balls, Pears etc as loops will last longer than standard brass loops. Perfect fit for all Do-it Molds

These standard size fit all moulds. Made of Blackened Brass, if they are slightly too large, squeeze with pliers to make the perfect fit.

Use with 4 in 1 Zip Lead Mould, Twin Cavity Flat Pear Mould, Dumpy Pear, Tournament and Square Pear moulds.

Available in 100 and 1000 pack, see options 

Stainless Steel Lead loops for Aqua Zoom 4oz, 5oz, 6oz, 8oz, 12oz Bopedo, 8oz Bopedo and other sea fishing lead moulds.


  • Available in 100 or 1000 pack, see options