Kent Gravel - 16oz pack

Price: £9.00

Made up by popular demand, this new Gravel colour has been very popular with regular customers.

  • 16oz = £9.00

  • 32oz = £17.00

  • 80oz = £35.00

See options. Looks great Texture Coated (matt finish)


This colour came about for anglers fishing gravel bottoms / rivers.

When applying this powder, ensure you heat the lead sufficiently to melt the powder on its own without secondary heating. This ensures that when you flash the coated lead infront of the blow torch you do not over heat the powder. 

A guide is that a 2oz lead should be heated for approx 18 seconds, (count to 18 whilst heating the lead). Then place the lead into the powder and with a table spoon carefully spoon over the powder completely covering the lead and part way up the lead loop.

Then swing the lead back and forth across the blow torch flame  for approx. 10 second and hang up to cool. You will see when the lead is cool, all the different powder particles clears, brown, green and black spots perfectly melted and joined together. If you have a smeared finish, the powder was over heated when you melted the powder once applied.

If the lead is correctly heated prior to coating, the powder only requires partial melting once the powder is applied then when it is hung up the residual heat in the lead will complete the melting process perfectly.

Trial and error will see you get this right. Any cock ups you have at the end of the day, simply score round them with a Stanley knife, pell of the plastic coating and do it again.