Jigging Leader - 150lb - pack of 2

Price: £4.99

Norway Jigging Leaders, custom made with 600lb Stainless Steel Swivels, 200lb Stainless Steel Split ring and approx. 6ft of high quality 150lb mono.

You will need to take a pair of Split Ring Pliers (quality stainless split ring pliers available in the tools section very soon) to fit your Shad or Pirk to this leader, you will not open these split rings with your finger nail and using a knife is extremely dangerous. These are the recommended leaders to use (by Norway Guides) and are tied direct to yhe braid on your reel.

Be aware that it is always advisable to change your leader after landing a very big Cod or Halibut as they can be damaged during the fight and another monster fish could be awaiting your lure the next time you drop down. It would be a shame to loose a huge Halibut because your leader was damaged in a previous fight.

Supplied in a pack of two, for £4.99, you can be sure your rig to top quality and 100% reliable.

We have added 100lb b.s. leaders now for jigging for Coal Fish and will shortly add 80lb. The use of heavy leaders like these for Coalies is just in case a Halibut comes along and eats your Coal Fish lure !


PLEASE BE AWARE : Jigging leaders are supplied with a half inch to three quater inch tag which has be covered with shrink tube on the knot at each end of the leader. This knot tightens up on itself the harder it is pulled, that is why it is used. To ensure there is always sufficient line for this to happen the tag is left in place. Therefore I strongly advise you do not trim it off, it is there for a reason not as a result of shoddy manufacturing. These tags are covered with shrink tube to keep everything neat and tidy