Iris Pop Eye Shad - Bait Fish 23cm

Price: £6.40

The Iris Pop Eye Shads are ideal for fishing for Cod and Coalfish in Norway in the summer months. They are super strong and supply with an enticing WOBBLING action. Fish on a Jig Head or the new Screw in Heads shown in the additional images below, these shads will definately catch lots of fish without costing an arm and a leg. Use our 3oz Ball Jig on an 8/0, 9/0 or 10/0 hook and take fish after fish. You can also use the Ball Jigs up to 6oz (soon to be available up to 10oz) on a 10/0 hook.

Alternatively use the Screw in Heads with a super stinger 8/0 hooks attached to the Screw in Head via a split ring.


Soon we will be offering ready made stingers to use with these shads and the Screw in Heads. I am off to Norway in a couple of weeks and will be testing both these Iris Pop Eye shads and the Screw in Heads for myself.

The Iris Pop Eye Shads are available in both 20cm and 23cm long. This one is 23cm long.