Inline Flat Pears - pack of 5

Price: £3.25

Our range of Inline Flat Pears are available in five different finishes as you can clearly see from the pictures. We hold in stock Plastic and Compo coated leads and un coated leads which we coat to order to ensure we are able to quickly fulfill orders however during peak time that may take two or three days.

All of you leads are Top Quality unlike alternatives available else where our leads are comparable with the top brands but are a fraction of the cost.

We can do custom finishes, we can offer custom colours, if you require something different give us a call or send am email with your requirement.

Please see Terms and Conditions. Postage cost may vary from price quoted by website as it cannot calculate weight. Typical cost however for up to 2 kilos is £3.78 on a two day delivery service.


The finishes we offer are :

Gravel: Ideal for fishing Gravel Pits / Gravel bottoms as the lead blends in to the back ground perfectly.

Compo: This finish can be used anywhere as it looks like rotting vegetation laying on the bottom. Fishing over Gravel, Silt, in lakes or rivers it in no way looks like a lead laying on the bottom.

KDS: This is a sand finish which has been popular for distance leads as it cuts through the air well as it coats the leads with very little atleration to the overal shape of the lead. Idealy suited to long range gravel pit / lake work when you are fishing over a grave bar. It is a MATT finish.

Plastic Camo 4: This is a standard shinny finish with our own Camo 4 mixed which is a Brown base colour with Green, Black and a touch of other colors mixed in to produce a camoflague effect.

Texture Coating: This is a matt finish version of the plastic coat. Standard colour is Camo 4 but we can texture coat any of our Carp Lead Coating Powders as a special order at NO additional cost. The lead in the picture has been coated with our own and original mixture of Pebbles, and again this blends in very well with a gravel bottom and is extremely useful for coating distance leads.