Halibut Cigar Float rigged and ready to use

Price: £13.00

Available in 150g, 200g or 250g. These floats are properly rigged and ready to use. At the top you have a Crosslock Gamakatsu swivel and at the bottom a Down Rigger Clip. 

Using a Pirk, Halibut Float Weight or Anti Tangle Lead as a weight, you want about 1 metre of 150lb quality mono and your hook arrangement be it Single Hook and Treble, two Trebles or a Circle Hook. Bait up and drop your rig down to the bottom. Once you hit bottom, wind up 5,6,7 or 8 turns then clip the Crosslock Swivle on the line first the the Down Rigger Clip is clipped on the bottom of the float is fixed on your line. Place the line in the middle of the Down Rigger Clip and gently lower into the water, pay put line so your float is ten to twenty metres away for the boat and put your rod int he rod holder and set your drag just tight enough to prevent line pulling off as you drift.

When the float goes under, lift your rod carefully from the rod holder and wait five to ten seconds for the fish to swim off and swollow the bait then tighten your drag to strike position, as the line pulls tight and your rod starts to bend you strike into the fish and the down rigger clip pops off and the float slides freely up and down your line on the Crosslock snap.


These floats are not cheap but you only need one, you never loose them. If hey come off you simply drive the boat to them and pick them up but I have never lost one in five years and still use the first one I ever bought. 

My biggest Halibut on a float was 130cm long and I have had quite a few from 70cm up to 130cm and to me it is the most exciting way to catch a halibut.

Postage for these float is £3.60 first class and £2.90 second class due to the size and bulky nature of the float.