Halibut Anti Twist Lead unrigged Lumi Green

Price: £3.99

We are now offering our Anti Twist Leads unrigged as many customers want to rig their own. We offer them in nine different sizes now from 60g for Salmon and Pike trolling up to 750g for really deep water or really fast currents where big Halibut like to hunt.

Each lead is supplied coated in Anti Chip coating with colour options in Luminous and straight black. With the Tommy Fish Anti Twist Leads, the colour does not chip off after a few hours use, it remains in place for years to come. It glows very brightly when charged with artifical light attracting fish from a greater distance.  They are supplied with top quality stainless steel split rings and Stainless Steel Crane swivels which for 300g upwards are all 695lb b.s.

See options for sizes.


A note to all buying these leads, take the time and select the knots you use when rigging them. Use top quality clear mono and ensure to test the knots to be 100% sure they will hold very big Halibut for a long time. Only use top quality hooks and trebles, I will be taking pictures to add to these pages of trebles I have replaced for people when guideing in Norway, inferior trebles will just be chewed up like chewing gum or straightened out when the Halibut take off. It costs a lot of money to get out to Norway, don`t scrimp on your terminal tackle, it is the most important part of your fishing set up.

See our Trebles, VMC7560 - 6X trebles, not cheap but 100% reliable, Owner ST66 also a perfect choice, even better Owner ST76. For Single Hook, look at our Eagle Claw TK8 big game hooks with Welded eyes in 8/0. For Halibut rigs, use 1m to 2m of 150lb Clear Mono, see our Smart Leader, soft, supple and very strong with great knot strength.

Buying the Anti Twist Leads unrigged is ideal for people who have fished for Halibut before but for those going for the first time, I strongly recommend you buy them ready rigged by ourselves. If the rig is not 100%, big Halibut will find the weakness and you will loose the fish. I have seen this numerous time over the past few years, big fish on for w few minutes, sometmes really big fish then the line goes slack and up comes a curly pigs tail of a length of line snapped in the middle as it was not up to the task.