Halibatt Pirk - 10oz Lumi Blue

Price: £10.50

These pirks designed in America for catching Halibut and Ling Cod. Unlike conventional pirks there are two loops, one on each side to take a single hook or a treble. When the pirk hits the bottom the hooks or trebles are not the first thing to hit the bottom, the end of the pirk does as the hooks are up away from the end of the pirk, the result is less tackle loss.

The pirk pictured is fitted with two Ringed TK8 big game hooks, super strong and super sharp. They will hold any Halibut you are likely to encounter in Norway along with the Cod, Ling and Wolf Fish.

Split rings are 200lb. b.s, and although the pirk looks white, when charged it glows bright blue. The coating is our own anti chip coating and will withstand a hammering on the sea bed without chipping off. Before use, charge these pirks by leaving them on the side under artificial light for a few hours then take into a dark room and see how bright they are for yourself.

The swivels at the tops if 695lb b.s. stainless steel swivel. These pirks are available in four sizes, 8oz, 10oz, 12oz and 16oz. They are available in for luminous anti chip colours, Blue, Orange, Pink and Green, all light up brilliantly.

This is the 10oz Lumi Blue version with two single TK8 - 8/0 hooks.

The additional image of the Lumi Pink version is fitted with two 5X - 4/0 trebles. An option will be available for 6X wide gape trebles for those who require them.

The use of two hooks or trebles is entirely optional, if you want to use one hook or treble in snaggy spots then simply remove one but over sandy bottoms looking for Halibut the use of two hooks increases the chance of positive hook up by 100%


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