Hali Shad 320g Lumi

Price: £16.99

These Hali Shads are superb lures for shallow water Cod, Coalfish and Halibut fishing in Norway. They weigh 320g and are 22.5cm long, size and weight make them ideal for those anglers who want to fish light for big fish in Norway. 

Their size makes them perfect for fishing in shallower waters where the current is not too strong. The heads are Chrome Plated to add flash to the lure and the body is purpose build for fishing in Norway, really tough, does not rip easily and can take the abuse from Cod and Halibut and not some cheap soft plastic that will be torn to ribbons but the first fish that grabs the lure. In the event of a rip, dry the lure in your cabin overnight and apply super glue to the damaged area and it will be as good as new.

There are only two of the lures available in the Glow colour with no more currently available. (working on that at the moment)


The Hali Shad 320g comes rigged ready for use. It has a stinger treble already attached with a 4/0 Mustad 6X treble, a 410lb stainless steel swivel and 200lb split ring. All you need to do is remove the hook guards, clip the shad onto your Jigging Leader and off you go.