Hali Shad - 28cm Trans Orange Tiger 600g

Price: £15.99

Now for something a bit special. These Hali Shads are only available from us being manufactured by us for catching Cod and Halibut in Norway. The Shad body is made of super strong soft plastic specifially designed for taking the hammering they will get catching huge Cod and Halibut in Norway. 

Each body is mounted and glued and cable tied onto a Jig Head with a 12/0 super strong Jig Hook which hasd been powder coated and baked to produce a high quality finish. The colours used are either Flourescent, Translucent or Luminous (glow in the dark) and the quality of the finish is second to none. (if you want lumi fishing please see options)

Once the glue has dried we then manufacture Custom Stinger Hook lengths to suit each lure. Stinger hooks in 9/0 which are super strong (Savage) and shortly we will have them in 10/0 as well for another source but in both cases they are top quality. The swivels used on the stingers are Stainless Steel and have a b.s. of 600lb, joining the swivel and stinger hook is top quality 150lb mono which is double crimped in place.

This size shad is suitable for those anglers travelling to Norway in search of Skrei Cod, they are heavy enough to get down to the bottom quickly.

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These lures are ready to go, take them out of the plastic sleeve, clip them on your rod and away you go, you`re fishing. The stinger hooks reduce damage to fish that you put back but if you prefer a Trebel Stinger, als see options but be aware there is an additional charge as I only use 5X Mustad, Owner ST66 or 6X VMC trebles and they do not come cheap.

They are available in three weights and lengths, all of which have been listed separately to avoind any confusion over what you are ordering.

These are top quality and will take the abuse huge fish dish out on tackle. I can say this with 100% confidence because these lures are manufactured for this very reason and not some cheap crap that has been adapted for use that will let you down when you most need it.

Remember, to get the best out of your Lumi Lures, charge them before you use them. That does not mean standing there with a torch for hours on end as some would tell you, put the on the side, the table, your desk / bench underneath artificial light and turn them every half an hour or so. After a couple of hours, take one in the toilet, shut the door but do not turn the light on and you will see these lures glow like a 20w light bulb !. It doesn`t take a lot of effort but it does make a lot of difference.

Be Aware, website cannot calculate postage cost for heavy leads / pirks etc. If these is a shortfall in postage paid when you order a money request will be sent for the additional postage that may be required.