Hali Jig 24oz - 13/0 O Shaunessy Hook

Price: £6.00

Here is the monster 24oz Hali Jig manufactured on a Mustad 13/0 O’Shaunessy, a proper big fish jig. Popular in deep waters off Norway and also off the Shetland Isles for deep water / fast currents.

Available in numerous colours, Flouro Orange, Pink, Green Chartreuse, Red, Yellow Chartreuse, Pearl. Also available in plain lead.

Used for Ling, Cod and Halibut, they do not come any finer than these Jig Heads. Purpoe built for big fish.

If buy chance these lead heads are still not heavy enough for the area you are fishing, use in conjunction with our Weighted Jigging Leads, available up to 8oz, see them in the Norway Section of the website.

This is the 24oz - 13/0 O’Shaunessy hook version, sold individually


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