Giant Curl Tail Shads 23cm

Price: £19.99

These are stunning lures for those of you travelling to Norway for huge Cod, Coalfish and Halibut, especially Halibut. They weigh 320g (just under 12oz) and manufactured from really tough soft plastic that will withstand the hammering they will get from huge Cod and Halibut. The tail has a fantastic action and will attract attention on any hungry fish out there.

Available in six colours, all proven fish catching colours, see options. They also come rigged with a Custom Stinger 9/0 hook on 150lb mono and a 695lb. b.s. swivel with keepers in place making everything nice and tidy.

Stinger can be mounted on the top of the lure (my preference) or on the bottom of the lure using the loop moulded into the head.

The pack consists of one head ready rigged witht a tail plus a spare tail.


Colours available are: Orange Sparkle, Black/Purple Sparkle, Green/Pearl Sparkle, Blue/Pearl Sparkle, Black Sparkle.

See additional images for the fully rigged lure with the Custom Stinger in place. This ensures that even when Halibut and Cod are taking the lure short, they will get nailed on the 9/0 Stinger Hook.

I can also supply these lures rigged with a Stinger Treble, 4/0 - 5X Mustad Treble. The use of the treble is not to everyones taste but, big Halibut are a fish of a lifetime and my personal preference is the treble stinger. There is a slight additional cost for the Treble Stinger. Please see options and select either the standard stinger or the Mustad Treble Stinger option.

Additional spare Custom Stingers are available in Single and Treble for and come in a pack of two. (guides always seem to recommend change of hook / trace when a big Halibut is caught).